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General/Shareholder Inquiries

Regional Sales Partners

Jerry Brace

Territory: NY & N. NJ

Jay Bysinger

Territory: GA, AL, MS

Eddie Finocchiaro

Territory: MA, ME, NH, VT,CT

Mark Kamies

Territory: SW MO

Jake Saba

Territory: MN, WI, ND

Frank Csuti

Territory: FL

Scott Hanling

Territory: SC, NC

Ned Vinson

Territory: VA, DC & MD

Scott Hutton

Territory: CO, WY, NM, MT

Mike Smith

Territory: TN and AR

Jeff Robinson

Territory: MI, AZ

Peter Sullivan

Territory: WA, OR

Fred Hartman

Territory: S. CA

Joe Reaves

Territory: S. TX and LA

Jim Bruce

Territory: Upstate NY, W PA, E OH

Rob Rodgers

Territory: MO and KS

Michael Flaherty

Territory: IL & IN

Sam Stubbert

Territory: N. CAL, NV

Arthur Blackman

Territory: NE & IA

Mark Carrozza

Territory: UT & ID

Brian Deal

Territory: OH, IN, KY

Bill McCoach

Territory: E. PA, S. NJ and DE

Patrick Good

Territory: N. TX, OK

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